About Ginger May

The first form of Ginger May has appeared in 2012 in Moscow. Two independent musicians with similar musical tastes,Tanya Schneider and Marlene Vox, gathered to create songs. However, due to relocation one of the band members, Ginger May's live show activity has already begun in Tokyo. The present composition of Ginger May has been formed in 2015. The band currently has active concert life on the dark stage of Japan and records the first album.


Ginger May differs essentially from many Japanese bands, not only because of multi-nationality of band members and original sound but also the unusual combination of dark visual image and ironic lyrics. The band has been classified by critics as industrial metal, although we have a variety of songs, which is why it is very difficult to classify band to any particular genre. You can feel the influence of European industrial rock and American alternative rock. The main feature of the band's sound is a mix of heavy guitar, electronic and catchy melodies.

Nowadays we are working hard on release of our first studio album and playing gigs on various stages of Japan. 

Our work is devoted to people because people are the most mysterious beings on our planet. We are opened to dialogue and would gladly accept a friendship.

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