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Ginger May is a band based in Japan. Still, the roots of this independent duo are very diverse. The project began in Moscow, Russia, back in 2012. Then, Tanya Schneider and Marlene Vox started a fruitful collaboration. The chemistry between the two led to a prolific musical partnership from the start. At some point, one of the founding members actually relocated to Tokyo. Despite that, Ginger May survived the move halfway across the world. In fact, Ginger May did more than survive. It blossomed into an even more creative project, with new musicians into the fold.


The band stands out because a single genre alone cannot fully contain Ginger May's identity. On the contrary, the group is always eager to push the boundaries and expand the reach of their music. There aren't many bands in Japan or elsewhere willing to take chances the way Ginger May does. While continuously redefining its sound, the group retains a distinctive personality. The international flair of musicians in the group makes for a kaleidoscopic sound. Still, Ginger May is willing to explore dark topics. Its lyrics dive into humanity's deep and sometimes dark emotions. Instrumentally, the well-orchestrated arrangements reflect the power of the lyrics.


The roaring energy of industrial music meets the thunderous power of metal. Electronic influences are also very prominent on many of the band's best tracks. These innovative sounds hold the vision together and give the music a modern touch. The primary songwriters in the current line-up are Tanya Schneider and Satoshi Higashida. They are very focused on creating compelling original melodies. The pair's creations give the lyrical content more authenticity and a personal touch.


The sound of Ginger May relies on contrast for flair and effect. The music falls somewhere in between melody and energy, channeling the band's diverse upbringing.

Every song shows each band member's commitment to giving the audience a one-of-a-kind experience. They put a lot of heart into each note and word!


Ultimately, the sound of the band is going to appeal to fans of rock music. However, its kaleidoscopic range makes the band perfect for a diverse fanbase, transcending an average rock audience.


The group's hard work is definitely paying off. Ginger May's 2019 release "Mesmerizer" Came out with a matching music video. It reached well over 32,000 views on YouTube alone in a matter of weeks. This was one of the most significant accomplishments of the band. Still, Ginger May shows no signs of slowing down. Soon after releasing the single, Ginger May dropped a full-length album by the same name. Many artists faced the hurdle of the pandemic that hit the world in 2020. Nonetheless, Ginger May continued to grow their fan base with the quality of its music. The group continued to pursue some unique aesthetics to enhance its formula.


This is a very productive time for the band. Recently, the group gave a lot of interviews, with a particular focus on discussing a brand new single release. In fact, this is one of the band’s most significant years to date. Not only did they find an amazing label to work with, but the resulting collaboration actually led to releasing a brand new studio single.


The upcoming song is titled "Me and You." It features a steady drum groove and a grittier guitar tone, which lends a retro vibe to the guitar tone. The main vocals have a melancholic sound, yet the song is far from gloomy. The many layers of the arrangement make the song endearing and easy to relate to. More than any other song by the band, this new track highlights the constant growth of Ginger May. It shows its ability to keep making music that sounds organic and spontaneous rather than hiding behind a wall of studio trickery. Passion and self-expression are at the core of what Ginger May is all about. This is one of the reasons why their music continues to attract a large and expanding audience.


Ginger May is highly recommended to fans of artists such as The XX, Dead Rituals, Ex:Re, Vero, Arctic Monkeys, or Radiohead, only to name a few.


In addition, Ginger May signed with Messina Records in order to keep releasing new music and reach out to fans like never before.


Find out more about Ginger May and listen to the band's music on your favorite digital streaming services.

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